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2019 CCKDO THEME "Celebrating Me"

encouraging children to have a strong sense of identity and self worth

Through the provision of information, and enhancement of interagency links, CC Kids Day Out is an annual event, designed to strengthen and develop functional family units and promote the long-term wellbeing of children on the Central Coast.

CCKDO is an initiative of Government and non-government agencies on the Central Coast. KDO aims to increase the effectiveness of prevention and early intervention support available to families raising young children. This is to be achieved by building the capacity of communities and the human services network to ensure parents and careers are supported to raise healthy and well-adjusted children. CC KDO began on the Central Coast in 2000 and has continued to grow since then.



Narara Valley High School grounds are accessible for wheelchairs, scooters, prams and walking aids, however please note the terrain is varied with slopes in the pavement towards the oval and there are grassed areas also. (see map)


Parking is available on the surrounding streets and specific properties, please be mindful of the local residents and do not block any driveways. Specific mobility parking spaces will be provided and identified, you will require a mobility parking permit to occupy these spaces. A drop off zone is located at the main entrance. (see map)


Many seating options are provided throughout the venue including benches, picnic tables with benches and shaded areas. You are welcome to enjoy the grass areas and bring a matt to sit on or camping chairs. Some seating will be provided near the two main stages.

Sun safety

This is an outdoors event so please remember to bring your hats and sun screen. Shaded areas are provided.


CCKDO will be on rain or shine, please check Facebook for updates if we have extreme weather warnings. In the event of rain, more activities will be held in classrooms and a map will be on display, please ask the friendly event volunteers in the high vis vests for information on the day or at the Information booth at the main gate.


Please see map for accessible toilet locations. For lost children please go to the Information Tent. Volunteers in high vis vests are available for any questions and support on the day. See the site map and timetable for your guide to plan your day at CCKDO.

Quiet spaces

We have a quiet sensory room for children with sensory processing disorder or who just need to relax (see the map). This room will be dimly lit for comfort and convenience.

Feeding and baby change room

See map for the location.

Recording and Photography

We will have an identified professional photographer roaming on the day, please let them know if you do not want yourself or your family photographed. These images may be used on official CCKDO advertising, website and Facebook, please contact us directly if you wish to have an image removed in the future. Please be mindful of the photographs you are taking on the day and respect others privacy. Please report any concerning conduct on the day to the event staff, volunteers or the police officers in attendance.


While we have many options to purchase food on the day you are welcome to pack your own food and beverages to attend to your own dietary needs.

Companion Animals

Only Guide dogs and companion animals on leashes will be permitted into the venue.


TBA 2022

Adults $8 Kids $4
Family (2 adults + up to 4 children) $25
Kids under 12 months FREE
We accept Companion Card for all card holders.

CCKDO entry is small cost in response to our voluntary committee striving to keep the event affordable yet being sustainable. The contribution of your entry donation goes toward venue rental, entertainment, security, first aid, insurance, clean-up etc and the committee thanks you for your contribution and understanding.

Thank you to the best Committee ever!

Today, on our CCKDO 20th birthday, I would like to celebrate, honour and give huge thanks the most amazing and magnificent committee that ever has been. I am talking about the CCKDO 2019 committee. They are the gifts today. This committee has worked so hard this year and in the past, to give our families on the Coast a wonderful day celebrating their children. CCKDO would not happen without them. They are the BEST! Let me introduce them to you …

Judith Wallace (9 years with CCKDO) Vice President and amazing and unbelievable stall coordinator extraordinaire, she is a powerhouse.
Fran Cummings (9 years CCKDO) Secretary and awesome unbelievable entertainment coordinator, she doesn’t miss a beat and is so thorough.
Tiah Rendall (8 years) who is incredible and unbelievable in her work with our Facebook, she has impacted the work of CCKDO by putting us out there.
Julie Smith our incredible and valued bookkeeper and organises so much with the event. She can manage so many things at once and draw it all together.
Jennifer Muir (4 years) who is our treasure and who doesn't miss anything and is so thorough and by her encouragement keeps us on track so beautifully.
Clair Hoffman (5 years) and is our very enthusiastic, passionate and caring focusing on inclusivity, a committee member who makes sure that no person misses out, she is so full of compassion and grace.
Sue Donoghue (3 years) amazing and unbelievable volunteer coordinator who is just so wonderful in finding volunteers for us and has so much wisdom and thoughtfulness for us, she is another powerhouse.
Christina Jones (6 years) and who is so enthusiastic and eager to do whatever is needed on our committee and really great at connecting and communicating with people for us and always so generous with her knowledge and shares with us, so we can grow.
Vicki Scott (5 years) is wonderful with her contacts and sources of information and always she gives us such wise counsel and comments and adds so much to our committee meetings, she contemplates and thinks so much about what we can do to move forward.
Susanne Schroeder (20 years) such an incredible and gifted committee member who makes us look amazing in all of our advertising and nothing ever is never too much for her, everyone needs a Suz.
Robyn Edmonds King (2 years) is amazing and wonderful as she links us so beautifully with her creative and musical world and all her friends and she so enthusiastic and so giving in herself and her knowledge with us so we can grow.
Adah (2 years) who was with us and gave us a love for multicultural activities and shared so much with us.

These extraordinary and unique people are really incredible. They are all voluntary and all do this event because they believe in the philosophy of CCKDO. They are all different to each other and they are constantly encouraging and work non-stop to give you their best. I believe that there is no team like this one. They are the glue that keeps this event going. I would like to recognise, value and honour them today and tell you how wonderful they are. I can't thank them enough for all that they do. I thank their families too for being involved. Today let's celebrate these beautiful people who mean so much to me and who give you so much. Let us today take time to thank them and celebrate each and every one of them. They are all unique, extraordinary, amazing and so special in all ways, have their own gifts and skill set, and each help each other and understand each other's perspectives on this team. Each one is different but come together to make a mighty team. It is truly an honour and privilege to work with them and see what they do for CCKDO. We are so blessed to have them as they make the difference to this event. Without them CCKDO would not happen as they pull it all together. Truly they are the champions of this event. I hope you can meet them today and congratulate them on all they are doing and have done. They definitely do deserve our praise and thanks. Let us celebrate and remember them for what they do and how they have made this CCKDO 2019 event the great success it is today.
Thank you, Jude, Fran, Julez, Tiah, Sue, Clair, Suz, Jennifer, Christina, Vicki and Adah for who the beautiful people you are and for Team CCKDO 2019

Thank you for the past 20 years!

It is with honour that we give thanks to the following…

Narelle Wynter
Narelle Wynter who started CCKDO with Nada Potter 20 years ago.
Narelle now resides in Western Australia with her family. Narelle is passionate about making a difference to others. Now working with doctors and medical practices to provide a lasting relationship, the best support, and individualised policies to best meet a client's needs. She has had extensive experience as a paediatric speech pathologist specialising in speech, language and literacy working in clinical, managerial and private practice settings and has been 10 years in the wealth creation industry as a Client Manager, with a focus on education, debt reduction and financial freedom. Narelle values her family. She was asked about her best job, she stated, mother of four boys!
We are very thankful to Narelle for starting this venture with Nada. Thank you so much Narelle for your enthusiasm, commitment to Early Childhood and your vision for CCKDO.

Susanne Schroeder (Jmax Graphics) graphic artist and web designer.
Susanne has been with CCKDO since the beginning. Nada met Susanne at a mother's group at Chertsey with her beautiful son Jay. Susanne now has another son Max and has been happily married to Glenn. They have the most gorgeous dog named Penny. They're a beautiful family. Nada knew that Susanne was a graphic artist and when they needed flyers and posters to send to schools and pre-schools, Nada asked Susanne to help them. Right from the beginning, 20 years ago, Susanne has been with CCKDO creating and making this event become alive and vibrant. All of Susanne's ideas are brilliant and so imaginative and they always capture the essence of CCKDO. Susanne is part of CCKDO and has definitely made a difference to the event. In 2016 Susanne designed and upgraded the web page for CCKDO. CCKDO now has an excellent site that outlines all we do at CCKDO. Susanne is the most hard-working person we know, and she gives so much to the event.
The event wouldn't happen without her. We are so thankful to Susanne for being there with us throughout the last 20 years and we look back over the years and are just in awe for what she has done for us. We are so blessed that we met Susanne and so very thankful for the relationship and friendship we have with her. Thank you so very much Susanne for all that you have given to us at CCKDO.

Past and Present Committee members
A very big thank you to all the people who have been on the CCKDO committee over the last 20 years. We have been blessed to have had amazing, gifted, talented and wonderful people working on our team over the past 20 years. They just work so hard in every way. Every one of them has added and given so much to CCKDO. We are truly thankful to them all. Some of them have stayed a very long time with us like John Roberts, who we miss greatly. We know that this event is a team effort for CCKDO. It does take a village to make this event happen and it does happen because of the team. We have been so very blessed by all the people who have worked so hard to produce and coordinate CCKDO and we know that this event is worthy of praise and encouragement due to all their efforts and working as a team. We also thank the agencies, businesses and sponsors in the past that have supported us over the years. Each and every one of these people are very important to us. We value and honour them for what they have given to us.
We are truly thankful for the past 20 years and for all the wonderful people that have been a part of us and left an imprint on our hearts and for now to all the wonderful people that are with us now and who make CCKDO what it is today.

Thank you everyone! Happy 20th Birthday CCKDO



CCKDO provides an accessible event for our community to have face to face contact with early childhood services combined with popular kids entertainment, for an affordable, fun & interactive fun day out.


kids day out

At CCKDO there is an emphasis on the importance of parenting in the early learning years of a child's life. CCKDO promotes child-centred services in a family focused informative day with lectures, stalls & workshops.

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    Dr John Irvine
  • Dr John Irvine

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2019 Friends of CCKDO

It is with very sad hearts that we share with you that Jennifer Muir, a very special Committee member of CCKDO, passed away peacefully on Saturday, 26th June 2021.

Jennifer was not only the Coordinator of Playgroups NSW on the Central Coast, she was our amazing Treasurer of 8 years and she was involved in all aspects of the planning of our event. Jennifer was multi-talented. She shared with us her creativity, knowledge and skill as an educator and her care and keen eye for detail and concern as our Treasurer.

Everything that Jennifer did for CCKDO was done with thoughtfulness, thoroughness and great care. A person of integrity, who was motivated by her commitment to and love of children, Jennifer’s concern was always the children and families who came to CCKDO. We were so blessed to have Jennifer on our CCKDO committee.

Thank you, Jennifer, for all that you did and for the special gift of friendship you shared with us. You will be missed greatly by all who knew you and worked with you and your influence will continue to be felt throughout the Central Coast by the families whom you served.

R.I.P. our beautiful friend


  • Judith Wallace
    Finalist - Australia Day Award Volunteering

    Australia Day Award finalist
    Judith Wallace definitely fits this criterion as she has been a long-term volunteer worker in our community. She has outstanding service and she is dedicated in very sense of the word. Judith is not paid for her work. In actual fact, we probably wouldn't have the funds to pay her with what she does, and she gives so freely. We couldn't do without her at the Cottage nor at Central Coast Kids Day Out in her roles as Secretary/Treasurer of Chertseydale Cottage and Extraordinaire Stall coordinator of CCKDO.

    Judith has a servant heart and a commitment to the Springfield community. Judith has been serving/volunteering for the past 20 years at Springfield and 10 years with CCKDO. She does everything without any fuss or bother and she is so caring and inclusive of everyone. Judith’s dedication is extraordinary. She is always there to help. We have been able to run the cottage successfully and involve the community with Judith being there for us.

    Judith is a quiet achiever who has done so much in the Springfield community through Chertsey Primary School and Chertseydale Community Cottage as well as Central Coast Kids Day Out. Whatever she does, she does with grace, integrity, honesty and she is so loyal and committed to anything that she does. She is an amazing 'servant' volunteer at Springfield in the real sense of the word and she has been doing her roles for the past 20 years. As treasurer/secretary for Chertseydale Cottage, this cottage would not be as functional as it is without her knowledge and expertise. Nothing gets past her as she is so thorough, diligent and conscientious. We are all so blessed to have you at Chertsey.

    Everyone needs a Judith Wallace on their team and in their lives. We are blessed to have her, thank you dear Judith.